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Spoiled Wooden Block (3 hole)

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Spoiled wooden block  (3 hole) for keeping your essential oils from falling over, keeping them organized and keeping them all in one place! Each block holds 3 roller bottles - 15ML size Doterra bottle (bottles not included but they can be purchased from my website or shop).
Essential Oil wooden storage boxes do more than keep your oils organized and in one place!  They will extend the life of your oils by protecting them from deterioration that can be caused by sunlight and changes in ambient temperature(s).  
Two of the first questions commonly asked by newcomers to aromatherapy and essential oils is, "what is the best way to care for my oils to make them last?" and "how long will they last?"  There are no set guidelines as to how long your oils will last before they deteriorate and become unusable. Essential oils are not like food that will follow an expiration date and a path toward spoiling.  The complex and varying chemistry of essential oils means that the shelf life will be different for different botanical species of oil. However, one thing that remains the same and the fact is that heat, sunlight and air all have effect on essential oils and there ability to last longer and be effective so this wooden block is the best way to make your essential oils last.
You need to make sure that you look after your oils properly or their therapeutic properties may be lost.  Protecting your oils by keeping them in an attractive essential oil wooden box is a wise investment that you will not regret.
*1 (one) Spoiled essential oil block with 3 holes (can be used individually or together with other blocks from my website or shop).
* Please Note:  oils are not included with this item.  You can purchase DoTerra Oils from our website

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