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London Red Telephone Box Diffuser

  • $34.99

Our quirky London red phone box diffuser is hugely popular and makes a lovely ornament as well as diffusing your oils.

Are you seeking a clean living environment and balance? This plastic diffuser dispenses your essential oils to purify, deodorize and refresh your personal environment as well as atomizes pure essential oils. It is powerful, yet it has a silent design that propels essential oils into your environment without the use of heat therefore preserving the functional properties of the essential oils that you are using.  
Our iconic London Red Telephone Box Diffuser (humidifier) is hugely popular around the world!  It makes for a lovely ornament as well as diffusing your oils.  It is small and lightweight which makes it perfect for a small space (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc) and it is convenient for bringing with you when you travel!  
* Please Note:  oils are not included with this item.  You can purchase DoTerra Oils from our website.*
Thank you for looking!  We appreciate your support of small business!
Product Details:
Working Voltage:  DC 5V
Working Current:  300MA
Use Power:  1.5W (USB Cable included)
Water Capacity:  300ML (10 ozs.)
Spray Amount:  30ML/H (1 oz./hour)
Continuous Spray Time:  about 10 hours
Intermittent Spray Time:  about 20 hours
Product Size:  80'80'142mm
Material:  ABS/PP/Silicone
Color:  Red
Product Weight:  192G (6.8 ozs.)
Made in China

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