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Learn what real chocolate should should taste like without all the sugar, dairy, low-quality fats, and processing found in many commercial sources. Amazing modern recipes made with an ancient culinary delight.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."—Hippocrates

"A balanced diet: a chocolate in both hands."—Unknown

Tasting real-deal cacao many years ago opened the author's eyes to what chocolate should be without all the sugar, dairy, low-quality fats, and processing of most commercial chocolate. Chocolate is supposed to make you feel good, but, unfortunately, modern varieties are far removed from what the ancients knew. Keep it simple, keep it real, and make it with good intentions. Includes over 50 recipes for health and happiness using honest ingredients and flavored with essential oils.

Publication: 2018.

Pages: 126.

Binding: Hardcover.

Is there any ingredient more tantalizing, healing and versatile than cacao (raw chocolate)? And did you know it releases chemicals in the brain, including anandamide, serotonin and dopamine? It is also high in magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron. Now imagine combining it with food-grade essential oils and superfoods such as hemp and medicinal mushrooms, or exotic ingredients like damiana leaves to raise libido or amaranth for a protein-punch, to create powerhouse snacks loaded with health benefits.

John Croft shares recipes for simple enjoyment, tips on how to source the best quality ingredients, and methods to enrich and preserve food healing properties. ‘Cacao Addict’ contains 50 irresistible cacao-infused delicacies to lace your taste buds with longing, including Chia Cardamom Orange Pudding, Hemp and Almond Ginger Lime Fudge, Medicinal Blueberry Blitz, and Raw Turkish Delight. A comprehensive index helps you to find the perfect recipe for each occasion or ingredient.

When John Croft tasted ‘real deal’ cacao years ago, his eyes popped open and his soul sang. John met his life partner and wellness collaborator, Noel, in 1994 and they embarked on a global discovery of mindfulness, sound therapy, essential oils and raw chocolate—in all its delicious disguises. Together they are building a global network empowered by holistic understanding and choices.

‘Cacao Addict’ is John Croft’s first published offering to conscious cacao-lovers across the world.

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