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Anchor Align Arise Meditating with essential oils

Anchor Align Arise Meditating with essential oils

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You came here with a purpose, a gift. By connecting to your unique vibration and aligning yourself with all that you are, you can live that gift. In order to align, you need to be present, grounded and anchored into your body. In order to rise and live your gift you need to be aligned. This is why the oils ANCHOR, ALIGN AND ARISE are such a beautiful gateway to living your gift.

This guided meditation helps you to open to the love and wisdom of the essential oils in ALIGN, ANCHOR AND ARISE so you can receive their full medicinal benefits- emotionally, physically and spiritually. This meditation uses imagery to guide you into a heightened state of awareness, where your senses become more alive and your focus sharpens so that you can enter a deep receiving state and experience beautiful alignment with the plants, all that you are and the world around you.

"As each of the oils were gone through in the mediation I FELT them connecting to my purpose and sense of WHY I am here......My already DEEP LOVE for the oils was taken to an even greater depth. THANK YOU JULIA!" Natalie Harries DoTerra Diamond, US

"This is a very lovely meditation using the Yoga essential oils. The first time I fell asleep and the second time I placed the oils so that I didn't have to open my eyes. I had a very beautiful experience. Thank you Julia." Becky Bowles, UK, DoTerra Diamond and Europe Founder

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